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An activity of the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, Anglican Funds South Australia was established in the 1960s as a means for parishes and other Anglican affiliated organisations to invest and access stable funding for church and charitable projects, and also to invest their endowment and every-day funds. AFSA is governed by an independent Board of Directors appointed by the Diocesan Council, which is an organ of the Synod.

AFSA’s Board and Management are primarily Anglicans and exclusively Christians, predominantly drawn from the professional ranks of the banking, funds management, and mutual sectors. Though the present-day activities of AFSA have existed since inception, in 2008 AFSA was divided into two distinct activities the Endowment Fund, and the Community Fund.

No matter whether you are an individual, Parish, or an Anglican affiliated organisation, you will be comforted to know that by working with AFSA, you are making a valuable contribution to your Anglican community.

Community Fund

The Community Fund provides savings and loans facilities to Anglican Parishes and affiliated organisations, and term investments to individuals who are part of our Anglican community.

Our investors receive competitive interest rates with funds Capital Guaranteed by the Anglican Diocese of Adelaide. All Funds are invested according to the ethical guidelines of the Anglican Church of Australia, and are used to support loans made to Parishes and Anglican affiliated organisations at favourable interest rates. Your investment helps our community fulfil its mission and provide valued services to our community at large.

In the 2016 Calendar Year, the Community Fund along with the assistance of investors, made an economic contribution to the church community, and to other Anglican Affiliated charitable organisations, such as Anglicare-SA of $875k in interest paid, discounts on loan rates compared to commercial lending rates at the time, and Participant Distributions.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund administers a market linked investment fund governed in the Yale-style Endowment Model. This fund only accepts investments from the Synod, Parishes and Anglican corporations. The Endowment Fund follows an ethical investment model and invests in balanced growth assets through wholesale managed funds instructed by private mandates, direct equity holdings, property trusts, and cash.

In the 2016 Calendar Year, the Endowment Fund made an economic contribution to our Anglican community of $4.5m. This income is a vital source of funds for the works of Parishes and Anglican corporations in providing their various religious and charitable projects as well as providing for the maintenance of assets such as their buildings.